Providing the key components to foster innovation


Supporting through basic facilities

State of the art facilities, 24X7 camera and physical surveillance, wireless connectivity and Gen-Y friendly work space enables you to maximize your productivity with basic needs taken care of. Global MNCs, Tier 1 institutes, universities would be available as partners, sponsors etc, leveraging exponentials to solve complex challenges.


The right guidance

Eminent domain/business experts from across the globe would be mentoring as full-time & float staff.
What’s more, the mentors’ involvement will be in-depth and governed.

Our Mentors

Enabling Services

For a smooth kickstart

A good proposition is that which reaches the consumer on time. Thus, we help you with a diverse pool of service providers and administrative experts in HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Finance, IP, PR & more for assorted functions at varying every level. After all, timing is everything.

Our Model


Funding support

There are 3 ways we invest in an idea: either we invest in it ourselves, or through the esteemed Club Praavega members, or facilitate investment through a strong, ongoing connect with the investing ecosystem.

Our Investors

Centre Of Excellence

Your own innovation unit

One of Praavega’s key roles is to help you create your own center of excellence dedicated to research, establishing best practices, recruiting and training the right people and encouraging your hidden talent pool to emerge as successful intrapreneurs in their own right.

Our Corporate Partners

Academic Incubators

Finding the next-gen innovators

Intent on increasing the innovation quotient in the country, Praavega works to partner with leading educational institutions to operate Academic incubators and accelerators to help elevate Entreprenuership in the student body.
Praavega: ensuring practice meets theory.

Our Focus Areas

Innovation as a Service

Building a culture of innovation across enterprises

Whether you are looking for help to bring technology to your business or building a center of excellence for your technology business, Praavega could partner with you both ways. Our credo is simple: We help build innovation as a culture close to you, driven by you in order to a) bring accelerated growth in newer areas and b) build your innovative assets in a manner that brings in sustainable business.

About Us