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The InculatorTM

A push and a platform

India, today, needs a platform that is both an incubator of the right ideas, and also an accelerator scaling ideas into successful companies. Getting involved early and ending it late is what is required in the current context.
Hence, Praavega is a win-win combination of Accelerator and Incubator – a one of its kind “Inculator.”

This inculatorTM brings in the Frictionless Entrepreneuring Infrastructure to minimize day to day business challenges through effective mentoring, timely investment, essential networks and other allied services that consume a lot of valuable time. Importantly, our platform ensures that start-ups stand on a solid foundation of clearly defined principles that will give an accelerated start and sustainable growth.

Over and above the Frictionless Infrastructure, we focus on certain key Growth Exponentials that we have observed are missing in most early stage companies: leveraging deep domain and technology, a culture of Intellectual Property, building customer value and effectively leveraging global networks. These, when coupled with focused and disciplined execution, can bring back the successful innovation and disruption culture to India-one of the earliest cradles of enterprise and science. In turn, this culture will enhance and redefine the dimensions of the way start-ups look at and conduct business. Solving India’s complex problems “Digitally First” will allow the solutions to be ‘reverse innovated’ into advanced economies.

Praavega: Anything but start-ups as usual.

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From Early Stage to Later End

The right idea and the right platform

First and foremost, it is important to select the right idea, an idea that is unique and solves a problem/opportunity that one sees/faces. Copying an idea that has worked in a different geography is not enough. India today has a multitude of problems and opportunities. We may actually be the “Complex Problem Capital of the World”, which means that Business to Customer (B2C) ideas from advanced economies could be of some relevance, but do not necessarily help the country overcome these challenges. Many solutions required are Business to Business (B2B).
Secondly, having the right ideas is not enough. For ideas are like seeds that need the correct nourishment and eco-system. In an increasingly flat and complicated world, the one way to solve persistent problems is to use pertinent technology effectively. For that, we need to add to the recipe: the right team as well as the right environment–which must be scaled up, bit by bit for sustainable growth.
At Praavega, we partner with ideas and/or entrepreneurs from the nascent stage of building a startup, take them through the paces–and stay on late in the day, through different stages of the company’s growth and development.

At Praavega, we say: Ready… Steady… Grow.

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Frictionless Infrastructure and Growth Exponentials

Even as a startup or as an idea gets off the ground, there is a lot of multitasking to be done: from identifying the right name, to finding the right lawyer, to identifying the development partner, to finding investments etc. The Praavega platform recognizes this reality and ensures that a frictionless entrepreneuring infrastructure is available under “one-roof” to massively simplify the process. Further, the platform recognizes that scaling to successful ideas requires a determined pursuit of building exponential capabilities and differentiators.

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