India as an innovation hub

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We nurture those that have a strong belief in their innovations, see the India as an adjacency opportunity,
and help them find their way through the Indian Market.
Your belief in your innovation is our agenda. If you have been a successful innovator, with us you are on the up towards exponential growth. The right partnership, both local and global, will go a long way in consolidating your base. If you plan to create a global solution through opportunities in Indian problems, we are here to guide you.

Every problem solved digitally here, gives access to the global markets.

About Our Model

India as an innovation hub

Helping innovators realize their idea potential

India tops Asia in the Innovation charts. It ranks No.1 in Asia as the Innovation Destination and ranks No.2 in the World for its Innovation Centers. By 2020, the average age of the people in India will be 29 years. There is a rapid expansion in the economic and IT front in this young country.
Praavega provides. It provides a protective and conducive environment that harnesses the abundant energy and promotes its rapid growth. It helps innovators and ideators in India realise their Idea Potential in the real world. It connects foreign innovators with the right set of talent and market opportunities.

Our Focus Areas

The Golden Triangle: India-Israel-USA

In an increasingly connected but competitive world, it is critical to leverage opportunities and imperatives through global collaborations. A true global network is built by moving from sector-specific cooperation to cross sectoral collaboration, with the aim of fostering inclusive economic growth and maximizing human potential. We believe the opportunity lies in the tri-association between India-Israel-US : The Golden triangle, as we call it. A closer look at all three:


A young country with 50 per cent of its populace under 35 – much more so than even China and a GDP slated to cross US $5 trillion dollars by 2020. Fast growing by having a huge number of problems that need to be solved for her to accelerate the pace of becoming a developed economy. Also, a nation that is increasingly looking to entrepreneurship to generate employment and scale new heights. We have both the talent and demand for newer and sustainable ideas.


The undisputed startup capital of the world with the highest per capita average of startups. Israeli entrepreneurs and startups solve complex problems that the country has faced since it’s foundation. Further, they are adept at leveraging exponential technologies effectively in an agile manner to bring innovative solution to advanced economies. Israeli startups and entrepreneurs bring both speed and maturity to the table. Israeli innovation needs to be tapped to solve complex problems in India.


Without a doubt, the home of free market enterprise and the most mature Innovation ecosystem on the planet The US is a role model for startups and entrepreneurs to aspire towards. Interestingly, most of leading US technology companies are founded by immigrants, many of them Indians. The US is also home to a large Indian diaspora, which is eager to contribute to the development of their mother country. Tapping into this expertise of scale and discipline of execution can help Indian startups and entrepreneurs.

To add to this, all three countries are multi-cultural societies with a resonant value-system which makes business and investment both viable and profitable. It follows naturally that the connected eco-system of the Golden Triangle will make for far-reaching global impact.

Large scale benefits wed to great returns on investment makes this a happening circle for sure. Question is: are you in?

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