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The culture of sustainable growth

With the increasing pace of technology driven change, Indian industry stands at a crossroads.
The legacy methods that drove business success are less relevant today and will be ineffective soon

There is an urgent need to re-invent and build a technology-core driven business differentiation and advantage. So whether you want to change your DNA at the core, or want to pursue it at the edge, we can help both ways.

Let’s explore innovative expositions and scale newer heights together.

Innovation as a Service

Startup Nurture Program

Guiding startups to be innovators in your industry

Adopt a startup to solve industry problems and build a revenue generating business unit through them. With an intense and demanding idea/startup selection process, Praavega ensures the best ideas on the table get a chance to grow, step by step and are nurtured to their full growth.

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Our Startup Program

Your Own
Center Of Excellence

Innovation engine for sustainable growth

At Praavega we ideate, innovate and inculate. We generate highly successfully unique businesses from scratch by helping you create your own center of excellence. This includes setting up innovation processes, selecting the right people for you, both internally and externally and setting periodic innovation goals.

Above all, we grow a culture of creativity that encourages your hidden talent pool to emerge as successful intrapreneurs in their own right.

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