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The Ancient ‘Record’

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The Ancient ‘Record’

When the world heard’ Sanskrit.

‘His Masters Voice’ (HMV) had once published a pamphlet giving the history of gramophone record.

Gramophone, originally known as the Phonograph, was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in the 19th century. Edison, who had invented many other gadgets like electric light and the motion picture camera, had become a legend even in his own time.

When he invented the gramophone record, which could record human voice for posterity, he wanted to record the voice of an eminent scholar on his first piece.

For that, he chose Prof. Max Muller of England (a German by ethnicity), another great personality of the 19th century.

He wrote to Max Muller saying,

“I want to meet you and record your voice. When should I come?”

Max Muller who had great respect for Edison asked him to come on a suitable time when most of the scholars of the Europe would be gathering in England. Accordingly, Edison took a ship and went to England. He was introduced to the audience. All cheered Edison’s presence.

Later at the request of Edison, Max Muller came on the stage and spoke in front of the instrument. Then Edison went back to his laboratory and by afternoon came back with a disc & played it on the gramophone.

The audience was thrilled to hear the voice of Max Muller from the instrument.

They were glad that voices of great persons like Max Muller could be stored for the benefit of posterity. After several rounds of applause and congratulations to Thomas Edison, Max Muller came to the stage and addressed the scholars and asked them,

“You heard my original voice in the morning. Then you heard the same voice coming out from this instrument in the afternoon. Do you understand what I said in the morning or what you heard in the afternoon?”

The audience fell silent because they could not understand the language in which Max Muller had spoken.

It was ‘Greek and Latin’ to them as they say.

But had it been Greek or Latin, they would have definitely understood because they were from various parts of Europe. It was in a language which the European scholars had never heard.

Max Muller then explained what he had spoken.
He said that the language he spoke was Sanskrit and it was the first sloka of Rig Veda, which says “Agni Meele Purohitam”
This was the first recorded public version on the gramophone plate.

अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवं रत्वीजम।
होतारं रत्नधातमम।।

(Rig Veda 1.001.01)

Why did Max Muller choose this?

Addressing the audience he said,

“Vedas are the oldest text of the human race. And “Agni Meele Purohitam” is the first verse of Rig Veda.

In the most primordial time, when the people did not know how even to cover their bodies and lived by hunting and housed in caves, Indians had attained high civilization and they gave the world universal philosophies in the form of the Vedas.”

When “Agni Meele Purohitam” was replayed, the entire audience stood up in silence as a mark of respect.

The verse means :

“Oh Agni, You who gleam in the darkness, to You we come day by day, with devotion and bearing homage. So be of easy access to us, Agni, as a father to his son, abide with us for our well being.”

Proud to be part of a truly glorious ancient civilization.

Is Ancient India overrated?

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The achievements of ancient Indians are lost in obscurity. India’s ancestors had invented many ways which eased the basic life of a common man. These inventions may seem primitive today, but we can’t ignore the fact that these were revolutionary achievements during their era.
Pak L Huide, a Chinese Ex Professor from University of Toronto has shared a great analysis on this topic.

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Narayana Murthy: No Invention In India In Last 60 Years

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There has always been a debate over the contribution of Indian scientific institutes over the years. Many people have questioned their original contribution to the field. The latest person to have questioned this trend is Infosys founder N R Narayana Murthy. IT czar has said that there has not been a single invention from India in the last 60 years that became a household name globally, nor any idea that led to “earth shaking” invention to “delight global citizens”.

“Our youngsters have not done much impactful research work despite being equal to their counterparts in intellect and energy in Western universities,” he said delivering the convocation address at the Indian Institute of Science here.

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Sterlite Tech appoints Anshoo Gaur as Strategic Advisor

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Sterlite Tech has announced the appointment of Anshoo Gaur as Strategic Advisor for its telecom software offerings. Sterlite Tech’s software division is a global IT product and service provider of pre-integrated BSS, packet-core and carrier Wi-Fi solutions. Adhering to TM Forum and 3GPP standards, the software division addresses CSPs’ requirement of faster time-to-market and reduced total cost of ownership, fulfilling operator monetization needs across all IP networks. This division has successfully completed over 175 network deployments for 59 service providers in more than 40 countries and is serving 13 of the world’s top 30 operators.

Anshoo brings over 25 years of experience in building world-class organisations. He is currently working as CEO and Founder of Praavega Systems where he mentors entrepreneurs on leadership, innovation and technology. He has held key positions in the past, including President and MD of Amdocs India and Global Officer of Amdocs . He has also held leadership roles at EDS/MphasiS and Sabre Inc. At Sterlite Tech, Anshoo will work with the software leadership team to help define the next phase of value creation. Anshoo holds a Master of Science in Systems and Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka.

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Global Innovation Index 2016

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India scored a major improvement in its Global Innovation Index ranking this year, moving up to the 66th place from 81 in 2015. India’s better performance in the latest index readings was due to its strengths in tertiary education, software exports, corporate R&D and market sophistication. Among middle-income countries, India (25) came second after China (17) in innovation quality, overtaking Brazil (27). China figured at the 25th position (29 in 2015), the only middle-income country in the…

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Hyderabad-based healthcare startup eKincare

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Hyderabad-based eKincare is platform that helps you encrypt (256 bits) all your health records and keep it on the cloud — where you can access the dashboard from anywhere, anytime using a PC, or a mobile device. Founder Kiran Kalakuntla says, “eKincare is an online and offline solution for an individual to assess, track and stay informed about their health. We have recently launched our beta platform and Android app where users can upload their medical records, and we would digitize it in a user-friendly, structured data format which is very detailed and easy to understand compared to what users are used to today. We then analyze that data to build recommendations to keep the user on a healthy path.”

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Angel investor picks up stake in GenY Medium

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Hyderabad-based GenY Medium, a start-up engaged in business of managing perceptions of brands in the online space, has found a suitor in Srinath Devireddy, an angel investor and entrepreneur in the technology and IT industry.

Co-founded 18 months ago by an IIT Bombay alumni Ravi Jain and an Internet entrepreneur Richa Sethia, GenY offers online branding and marketing services to many clients, including Indiatimes Shopping, Gitanjali Shop, NIIT, Max Bupa and Cigna TTK.

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