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A challenge and a promise

Turning ideas into sustainable successes

Startups come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter how brilliant, they have to work with the current environment that is still maturing, limiting, and constrained, especially in a growing economy and a diverse, multi-layered country like India.

Given this backdrop, Praavega’s purpose is to ensure the start-ups overcome every crucial challenge to reach their promise, with accelerated pace and a higher probability of success.

An idea of strong conviction with the potential of bringing about a larger change – be it our own, or one identified through intense selection deserves to be nurtured and scaled up in due course with our active involvement.

Our all-encompassing platform with growth exponential helps start-ups and entrepreneurs streamline focus and build a culture of sustainable success.

Advant-edge Praavega: giving your startup the edge it deserves.

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Comprehensive entrepreneurial eco-system

So whether you are a first-time dreamer, a serial rain-maker or an innovator of credence, our flexible space and terms will allow you to set-up your office and grow at your desired pace.

We cater to fast-growing, technology companies and can accommodate offices ranging from a workforce of 1 to 50 in our massive workspaces, in Pune and Hyderabad.

We have a strong global network of experienced people to nurture the ecosphere of start-ups: from experienced mentors with their finger on the pulse of the industry, to investors willing to scale up as per the demand of the market to partners who can help you network and reach out to diversified audiences.

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The Golden Triangle: India-Israel-USA

In an increasingly connected but competitive world, it is critical to leverage opportunities and imperatives through global collaborations. A true global network is built by moving from sector-specific cooperation to cross sectoral collaboration, with the aim of fostering inclusive economic growth and maximizing human potential. We believe the opportunity lies in the tri-association between India-Israel-US : The Golden triangle, as we call it.
Israel is a vibrant country, already leveraging advanced technologies in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare and defense. It is also one of the leading innovation and technology hubs outside the United States’ Silicon Valley, with 300-plus global tech leaders. India with its young and fast-growing economy can serve as a test bed for Israel’s tech innovation. Even as 2017 marks 25 years of Indo-Israeli ties across key sectors, it’s time to take the relationship to the next level. The US, being the world’s most industrialized and free market economy with a buoyant democracy and atmosphere conducive to innovation is the logical and vital third partner to complete the Golden Triangle.
To add to this, all three countries are multi-cultural societies with a resonant value-system which makes business and investment both viable and profitable. It follows naturally that the connected ecosystem of the Golden Triangle will make for far-reaching global impact.
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Startup Selection Process

Identifying the right ideas and the right team

At Praavega we are constantly on the lookout for a guild of people who can demonstrate the agility, adaptability and speed demanded by a startup. We believe in the immense potential of right impactful ideas that address complex global and local problems, led by the right people and executed on an optimal platform.

Every startup that we partner with, benefits from alignment with our philosophy of growth and sustainable business. They must have or have a plan to develop tremendous domain expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs. The founder member(s) and team must envision technology as an enabler, value building a culture of IP creation for sustained competitive advantage. They must have the willingness to develop into a world class team, disciplined and focused to drive the idea to success.

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With motivated conviction and a flawless entrepreneuring platform at Praavega, our startups are on their way to an unseen exponential growth. Talk to them for some first-hand insights.

genymedium startups

Enhancing your digital presence by combining the art of marketing with the science of digital

ekincare startups

Predictive, Preventive & Personalized healthcare platform ! that helps insurance companies, corporates and individuals save money on their healthcare costs!

ayati startups

The mission to bring health, happiness and dignity to Indian elders through world class technology and geriatric professionals


Focused on digitally transforming the vending ecosystem

lusidsoft startups by praavega

Experience simplicity

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