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Steering ideas into successful innovations



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Steering ideas into successful innovations

Our Platform

What is Praavega?

A win-win combination of Incubator and Accelerator

Praavega comprises a platform that helps accelerate the pace and probability of success of early stage ideas. This platform is applied to solving India’s and world’s complex problems.

Our Platform

Praavega the InculatorTM

A platform to shape up new innovations

‘Praveg’ in Sanskrit (widely acknowledged as the world’s most scientific language) means acceleration. But Praavega is more than just an accelerator. The founder’s investing/mentoring experiences and detailed studies concluded that India needed a platform that was both an incubator of the right ideas, and also an accelerator scaling ideas into successful companies.

Getting involved early and ending it late is what is required in the current context.

Hence, Praavega is a win-win combination of Accelerator and Incubator – a one of its kind “InculatorTM”.

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Our Motivation

Two highly influential global executives, Anshoo and Srinath, having successfully carved their own niche in the corporate world internationally, moved back to India a decade ago with the intention of giving back.
They soon realized that incredible potential existed within the youth and talent in the country. Applying their global expertise and experience they were able to transform their companies and team, putting them on the global Innovation and Leadership map. Over the years, as avid investors, they have watched and mentored several entrepreneurs. They observed several improvement areas that were holding entrepreneurs and companies back. In their roles leading companies, they were able to unleash the talent of the youth but this was not happening at the potential in the startup ecosystem.
Taking the idea of ‘giving back’ to the next level they decided to concentrate full-time on helping ideas and entrepreneurs become more successful. As a first step, they took a month off to assess the world’s best accelerators and incubators. The research tour helped formalize and gave the final shape to PRAAVEGA.
About Us

India needs to close the gap between
zero and infinity

When India discovered zero, the world learnt to count. True, ancient India was an advanced and evolved land with a high standard of living, no small thanks to the inherent spirit of discovery, growth, and innovation. With time, though all that changed. Ideas stopped, growth stagnated. Reasons could be plenty, but that is not important.
Now it is time to set the clock back, so we may advance from zero to infinity: from the countable to the countless, to a number that is larger than any other number and can never be given an exact value. True enough, Infinity cannot be quantified unless its power is harnessed into the tangible by innovation and enterprise.
In the twenty-first century, Praavega is here to bring back that very same spirit of innovation and enterprise to the young and talented demographic of India. The one that celebrates new ideas and diverse thought processes.
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